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Hiking Extension

Welcome to the Hiking extension of my Wilderness Wanderings Blog.

This is an easy to search collection of Trip Reports from my various wanderings and adventures.

If you click to view Trip Reports from this page it will link you back over to my Wilderness Wanderings Blog. While I have been blessed to visit all 50 states already it is a long-term goal to now have a hike or trail run in all 50 states. I'm tracking my progress on this blog via the map and tagging each state as I go. Through the "CO Peaks Table" link on the right I also have a useful page for viewing basic info on the Colorado 14ers and 13ers and my wanderings there.

"The heights of the mountains are his also." - Psalm 95:4

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Fun Stats

Longest Activities by Time

6/26/23Harvard-Columbia Circumnavigate14:0631.14mi
7/18/12Maroon Peak13:5011.97mi
8/20/22Marquette 5013:4452.68mi
9/24/22Ellingwood Ridge (La Plata Pk)12:5612.30mi
9/14/19Run Rabbit Run 5012:5450.00mi
7/22/15North Maroon Peak11:399.08mi
4/5/18Mt. Yale Winter Ascent11:3110.37mi
7/19/14El Diente Peak11:3011.90mi
7/21/13Mt. Wilson11:2811.80mi
7/29/10Yosemite North Rim11:1416.58mi
* (honorable mention to Longs Peak, 8/9/97, a 2am start,
I don't know our finish time but it likely beats the others)

Longest Activities by Climb

6/26/23Harvard-Columbia Circumnavigate9,936 ft.31.14mi
9/14/19Run Rabbit Run 507,949 ft.50.47mi
8/21/16Pikes Peak Marathon7,814 ft.26.21mi
9/21/23Mount Adams (Washington)7,611 ft.14.75mi
7/17/18Tenmile Traverse7,423 ft.16.63mi
9/23/22Tenmile Sea-to-Sea Quintuple7,392 ft.12.92mi
7/31/21Yale Silver Creek Loop6,710 ft.19.93mi
7/21/13Mt. Wilson6,531 ft.11.80mi
6/5/17Grand Canyon South to North6,517 ft.22.37mi

Longest Hikes by Distance

6/26/23Harvard-Columbia Circumnavigate31.14mi14:06
11/26/21Waterloo-Pinckney Trail29.50mi10:09
6/6/17Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (N to S)26.02mi10:20
9/20/20Tetons Alaska Basin to Jenny Lake24.23mi10:13
6/5/17Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (S to N)22.37mi10:28
8/23/21Isle Royale Desor to Moskey Basin21.57mi8:32
7/31/21Yale Silver Creek Loop19.93mi8:21
9/18/20Tetons Jenny Lake to Lower Granite17.47mi6:14
7/29/21Emerald-Iowa-Missouri Loop + Pine Creek Out17.47mi10:14
6/28/19Mt. Antero + Mt. White17.34mi8:37
7/17/18Tenmile Traverse16.63mi10:16
* single-day efforts

Longest Multi-Day 14er Hikes

7/19-21/11Eolus, Sunlight, Windom Combo24.30min/a
2/27-3/1/14Pikes Peak Barr Trail Winter22.55min/a
7/17-18/14Snowmass Mountain21.65min/a
7/25-26/13Mount Eolus-Chicago Basin19.24min/a
7/24-25/15Capitol Peak17.56min/a

Longest Multi-Day Backpacking Trips

9/18-9/20Teton Crest Loop57.92min/a
6/5-6/17Grand Canyon Rim to Rim48.39min/a
8/22-24/21Isle Royale Greenstone Ridge44.96min/a
9/25-28/17Zion Western Traverse43.96min/a

Ultra Runs

8/20/22Marquette Trail 5052.68mi13:44:16
9/14/19Run Rabbit Run 5050.00mi12:54:29
8/21/21Marquette 50 DNF31.42mi8:22:01
4/29/18Trail Weekend 50K Race31.06mi5:49:53
8/10/19Training Run at Pinckney31.06mi6:24:33
7/17/21Training Run at Pinckney31.06mi6:29:50
6/26/21Two Hearted Trail 50K31.06mi5:41:37